Plumbing and Pipe Tools for Rent :
Photos are for reference only. Actual items may look different.

Sewer Machine Rental Galveston TX Shark SJPE 1500 Jetter Pipe Cleaner

Pump: Triplex
Flow: 1.7 GPM
Pressure: 1500 PSI
Motor: 1-1/2 hp, 13 amp w/GFCI
Weight: 105 lbs
Dimensions: 27” L x 17.5” W x 32” H

Operators Manual

Sewer Snake Rental Santa Fe TX General Easy Rooter 3/4" x 100' Machine
” X 100 cable with heavy duty roller bearings
1/3 hp motor
Safety switch clutch protects cable and operator
Foot pedal leaves operator‘s hands free to control cable. Uses air pressure, no electrical contact between pedal and motor.
20 ft. 3-wire vinyl covered with molded plug w GFI

Sewer Snake Rental Pearland TX General Mini Rooter 1/2" x 50' Sewer Machine

” X 50’ Cable
1/3 HP motor with forward-off reverse switch
165 RPM load speed
Foot pedal leaves the operator's hands free
10-Foot 3 wire power cord with in-line GFI
Sewer Snake Rental Texas City TX General SuperVee 25' Drain Cleaner

5/16" X 25' Cable
Clears lines up to 3"
Hometown Equipment Rental Galveston TX Ridgid 1" Pipe Threader Head

Nominal Pipe Size: 1”
Hometown Equipment Rental Santa Fe TX Ridgid 2" Pipe Threader Head

Nominal Pipe Size: 2”
Hometown Equipment Rental Alvin TX Ridgid 12-R Ratchet Handle

Model 12-R manual ratchet head and handle
Hometown Equipment Rental Angleton TX Ridgid #2-A Pipe Cutter

Fast, clean pipe cutting by hand or power.
Extra-long shank protects adjustment threads, while an extra-large handle is provided for quick, easy adjustment.
Hometown Equipment Rental Santa Fe TX Ridgid Tristand Portable Pipe Vise
Optimized Base For More Working Area – Benders are located at the rear of the base and three tool hangers are provided.
Integrated Ground Lug – Provides a conductive surface to connect the weld ground.
Self Hooking for 4" Pipe – No need to use a second hand to engage the chain into the wear plate.
Leg Chain – Retains legs even when subjected to rugged use during operation and transport.
Rugged Tool Tray – Prolonged stability before requiring a leg adjustment.
Up to 12” diameter pipe
Hometown Equipment Rental Texas City TX Reed R12 Ratchet Handle

Model R12 manual ratchet head and handle